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By Wilfrid de Freitas and/or Susan Ravdin

We've been having a little fun with the written word, composing parodies of well-known poems for the December issues of the ABA Newsletter, or recording our experiences at book-related functions, or writing down "sage" advice.

For those interested in the senseless ramblings of two middle-aged booksellers, we collect them here. More will be added as time, and our muses, allow.

Click on the titles below to read any piece.

Parodies of great writings

The Pricing of Books (A Bookseller's Lament)
(With apologies to T.S. Eliot)

'Twas the Day Before Christmas,
or, Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas

(With apologies to Clement Moore and Major Henry Livingston)

The Buyer's Soliloquy
(With apologies to William Shakespeare)

Good Kind Bookseller
(With apologies to John Mason Neale -- and all traditionalists)


ILAB / LILA Rock 2004 or, Journal of a Voyage to the Antipodes
(A Pseudo-Memoir)

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