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Victoria Adhelaide, The Princess Royal

Victoria Adelaide, The Princess Royal

This page contains entries for individuals whose names fall between T and Z. Unless otherwise noted, condition varies from near-fine to fine and many are matted and shrink-wrapped; please ask for details.

Most prints have been scanned: just click on their names to see the images; or browse through them all by connecting to our print gallery.

A detailed explanation of the "Notes and Condition" field can be found on the Condition of Prints page.

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Notes & Condition


Prince Teck

"The Most Popular of Princes He Has Married the Most Popular of Princesses"

May 14, 1870

Sport, Riding

Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Lou Tellegen

"Dorian Gray"

September 10, 1913

Performing Arts, Theatre

Fine. Loose. Mattable.


John Tenniel


October 26, 1878

Fine Arts; Illustrator of Alice in Wonderland

Fine. Loose; Copy bio. Mattable.


Edward O'Connor Terry

"Edward O'Connor Terry"

August 10, 1905

Performing Arts

Fine. Loose; Bio. Edge marks; Corner chip. Mattable.


Mehemed Tewfik Pasha
Khedive of Egypt

"The Khedive"

January 20, 1883


Very good. Loose; Bio. Touch dusty; corner pinholes; light rumpling. Near mattable.


Louis Adolphe Thiers

"Faute-de-mieux Premier"

January 6, 1872

President of the French Republic

Near fine. Loose. Marginal foxing; Light offset. Near-mattable.


Sir Henry Thompson


August 1, 1874

Medicine, Surgeon

Fine. Loose; Copy bio. Faint marginal foxing. Mattable.


Sir Roger Doughty Tichborne?

"Baronet or butcher"

June 10, 1871

Men of the Day

Fine. Loose; Bio. Caption partly trimmed. Mattable.


Arthur Tooth

"The Christian Martyr"

February 10, 1877


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.




February 10, 1910


Near fine. Loose; Bio. Top edge ragged. Mattable. (Horizontal image).


Herbert Beerbohm Tree

"Mr. Herbert Beerbohm Tree"

July 12, 1890

Performing Arts; Theatre

Fine. Loose; Copy bio. Mattable.


Herbert Beerbohm Tree

"His Majesty's"

April 5, 1911

Performing Arts; Theatre

Fine. Loose. Very minor edge creasing. Mattable.


Gen. Louis Jules Trochu

"The Hope of France"

September 17, 1870

French Military

Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Candida-Louisa, Marchioness of Tweedale

"The Marchioness of Tweedale"

March 1, 1894


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Herbert Haynes Twining


February 17, 1910

Manufacturing (Tea), Banking

Near fine. Loose. Margin tear; Light surface creases. Near-mattable.


John Tyndall

"The Scientific Use of the Imagination"

April 6, 1872

Science, Physics

Very good. Loose. Marginal tears and foxing. Near mattable.


Jan Van Beers

"The Modern Wiertz"

September 12, 1891


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Richard Vassar Vassar-Smith

"Lloyd's Bank"

July 20, 1910


Fine. Loose; Bio (adhered). Mattable.


Charles John Vaughan

"Nolo Episcopari"

August 24, 1872


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Giuseppe Verdi

"Italian Music"

February 15, 1879

Performing Arts, Music

Very good. Loose; Bio. Creased and wrinkled; tiny background marks. Near mattable.


Douglas Vickers

"Brightside D.V."

December 30, 1909


Fine. Loose; Bio (tipped). Edge tear; Corner crease. Mattable.


Victor Emanuel, King of Italy

"Il Rè Galantuòmo"

January 29, 1870


Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Queen Victoria
[Obituary portrait]


January 31, 1901

Head of State; Royalty

Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Victoria Adelaide
The Princess Royal

"The Princess Royal"

June 7, 1884

Royalty, Women

Very good. Loose; bio tipped to verso. Light marginal soiling, and crease touching caption; tiny edge tear tape repaired. Near-mattable.


John Reid Walker


May 12, 1909

Sporting, Outdoorsman

Near fine. Loose; Bio (tipped). Bit rumpled, tiny edge tears and crease; mattable.


Lord Walsingham

"A Naturalist"

September 9, 1882

Natural History

Fine. Loose. Corner crease. Mattable.


Samuel Ward

"Uncle Sam"

January 10, 1880

Lobbyist, American

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Cornelius Marshall Warmington

"Directors' Liability"

February 7, 1891


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Charles Nicholas Warton

"Hear! Hear!! Hear!!! Hear!!!!"

May 10, 1884


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


The Marchioness of Waterford

"The Marchioness of Waterford"

September 1, 1883


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Sir Philip Hickson Waterlow


November 30, 1910


Fine. Loose; Bio (adhered). Mattable.


Alfred Edward Thomas Watson

"The Badminton"

January 14, 1897

Journalism, Sports
Asst. Ed. Badminton Library

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


George Frederick Watts

"He Paints Portraits & Ideas"

December 26, 1891


Near fine. Loose; Copy bio. Light tanning. Near-mattable.


Lord Waveney


April 2, 1881


Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Matthew Webb

"Swam the Channel"

October 9, 1875

Sports, Swimming

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Richard Everard Webster, QC

"Law and Conscience"

May 26, 1883

Legal, Judge

Fine. Matted.


Sir Arthur R. Wellesley, Duke of Wellington

"The Son of Waterloo"

June 22, 1872


Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Wilhelm, King of Prussia

"Les Mangeoit Pour Soi Refraischir Devant Souper"

January 7, 1871

Sovereign, Royalty

Fine. Loose; Copy bio. Mattable.


Sir A. Osmond Williams

"The Champion of the Ladies"

December 1, 1909


Fine. Loose; Bio (tipped). short edge tears; mattable.


Sir Alfred Wills

"Benevolence on the Banch"

June 25, 1896

Legal; Judge

Near fine. Loose. Top edge dusty; faint margin marks. Mattable.


Sir John Eardley Eardley-Wilmot

"South Warwickshire"

May 9, 1885


Fine. Loose. Mattable.


William James Erasmus Wilson

"The Obelisk"

December 18, 1880

Medicine; Backer of Cleopatra's Needle

Near fine. Loose. Faint marginal offsetting. Mattable.


Walter Winans

"Tracks and Triggers"

June 9, 1909

Field Sports
Hunting & Shooting

Near fine. Loose. Dusty margin; Short edge tear. Mattable


John Hickory Wood

"Modern Pantomime"

February 5, 1913

Performing Arts

Very good. Loose. Faint horizontal creases; light soiling. Near mattable.


Henry Wood

"Queen's Hall"

April 17, 1907

Performing Arts

Near fine. Loose; Copy bio. Very faint marginal toning; maounting tape remnants on rear. Mattable.


R.S. Wright

"He declined a Knighthood, but thought better of it"

June 27, 1891

Legal, Judge

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Edmund Hodgson Yates

"The World"

November 16, 1878

Literary, Journalism
Founder The World

Very good. Loose. Dusty margins; Edge tear; Faint background crease. Near mattable.


Admiral Sir Hastings Reginald Yelverton

"Spanish Ironclads"

June 23, 1877


Near fine. Loose; Bio adhered on verso. Light marginal foxing and browning; edge & corner creases, edge tears. Near-mattable.


William Thomson, Archbishop of York

"The Archbishop of Society"

June 24, 1871


Fine. Loose; Copy bio.


William Dalrymple Maclagan, Archbishop of York

"From the Army to the Church"

September 5, 1891


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Israel Zangwill

"A Child of the Ghetto"

February 25, 1897

Men of Letters

Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Thomas Dundas, Earl of Zetland

"The Most Worshipful Grand Master"

December 4, 1869


Fine. Loose; Bio.


Emile Zola

"French Realism"

January 24, 1880


Near fine. Loose. Mounted on card; margins dusty and a bit toned. Near-mattable.


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