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H through K

His Excellency Kuo Sung Tao

His Excellency Kuo Sung Tao

This page contains entries for individuals whose names fall between H and K. Unless otherwise noted, condition varies from near-fine to fine and many are matted and shrink-wrapped; please ask for details.

Most prints have been scanned: just click on their names to see the images; or browse through them all by connecting to our print gallery.

A detailed explanation of the "Notes and Condition" field can be found on the Condition of Prints page.

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Notes & Conditions


Carl Haag

"The Glorious East"

April 26, 1884

Art, Painting

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


H. Rider Haggard


May 21, 1887


Near fine. Loose; Copy bio. Matte shadow around caption. Near mattable.


Newman Hall

"Come to Jesus"

November 23, 1872


Near fine. Loose; Bio. Faint background offset and light patch. Near-mattable.


Gustave Hamel


July 31, 1912

Technology, Aviation

Near fine. Loose. Faint creasing. Mattable.


Sir James Hannen

"The Great Unmarrier"

April 21, 1888


Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Thomas Hardy


June 4, 1892


Near fine. Matted. Light age-toning; faint foxing; edge trimmed. Near-mattable.


John Hare

"Mr. John Hare"

March 1, 1890

Performing Arts

Fine. Loose; Copy bio. Edge tear. Mattable.


Colonel John Hargreaves

"Mr. Hargreaves"

June 11, 1887

Fox Hunting

Near fine. Loose. Margin dusty; background foxed spot. Near mattable.


John Hargreaves


March 30, 1899

Sports; Fox Hunting

Fine. Loose. Edge-trimmed. Mattable.


Augustus Glossop Harris

"Drury Lane"

September 28, 1889

Theatre Manager

Fine. Loose. Faint marginal crease and dusting. Mattable.


Benjamin Harrison

"The Revised Edition of the Bible"

June 6, 1885

Clergy, Theologian

Fine. Loose. Very faint off-set. Mattable.


Spencer Compton Cavendish, Marquis of Hartington

"His Ability and Industry Would Deserve Respect Even in a Man; in a Marquis The Command Admiration."

March 27, 1869


Near fine. Loose; Bio. Caption trimmed; faint paper clip impression; near-mattable.


Spencer Compton Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington

"The Right Hon. the Marquis of Hartington M.P."

July 21, 1888


Near fine. Loose. Lightly age-toned. Mattable.


Spencer Compton Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington
The Treasury Bench ("Babble Birth, & Brummagem")






John Hassall


August 21, 1912

Poster Artist

Very good. Loose. Top margin spotted; 1/2" scuff to background. Near-Mattable.


Lord Hatherly, Lord High Chancellor

"When he who has too little piety is impossible, and he who has too much is impracticable; he who has equal piety and ability becomes Lord Chancellor"

March 20, 1869


Fine. Loose. Margins close to text. Mattable.


Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins

"Anthony Hope"

December 26, 1895

Literary, Novelist

Fine. Loose; Bio. Faint edge dusting. Mattable.


Henry Hawkins, QC

"The Tichborne Case"

June 21, 1873


Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Charles Hawtrey

"From Eton to the Stage"

May 21, 1892


Fine. Loose; copy bio. Mattable.


William Ernest Henley

"The National Observer"

November 26, 1892


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


James Richard Hennesey

"Lutteur ***"

February 24, 1910

Cognac, Distilling

Very good. Loose; Copy bio. Edge tear; surface a bit dusty; bacground creases. Near-mattable.


Hubert von Herkomer

"Painter, Sculptor, Blacksmith &c"

January 26, 1884


Fine. Loose; Copy bio. Mattable.


James Augustus Hessey

"Merchant Taylors"

October 17, 1874


Near fine. Loose; Bio. Margins dusty. Mattable.


Rear Adm. Sir Anthony Hiley-Hoskins

"Naval Reserves"

April 28, 1883


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Lady Mary Augusta Coventry Holland

"The Lady Holland"

February 2, 1884


Fine. Loose; Bio. Minor corner crease. Mattable.


R.P. Houston

"The Britisher's Friend"

June 14, 1911


Fine. Loose; Bio (adhered). Mattable.


John Walter Huddleston, QC

"A Future Judge"

February 28, 1874


Fine. Loose; Copy bio. Right edge trimmed. Mattable.


Thomas Hughes

"Tom Brown"

June 8, 1872

Author; Politician

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Victor Hugo

"A French Poet"

September 20, 1879


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


William Holman Hunt

"The Pre-Raphaelite of the World"

July 19, 1879


Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Major-General Sir Archibald Hunter

"Our Youngest General"

April 27, 1899


Fine. Loose. Mattable.


C.C. Hutchinson, KC


May 3, 1911


Fine. Loose; Bio (adhered). Mattable.


Tunkoo Abubeker bin Ibrahim see Sultan of Johore






Henry Irving

"The Bells"

December 19, 1874

Performing Arts

Near fine. Loose; Bio. Faint marginal foxing. Near-mattable.


Laurence S.B. Irving

"Mr. Laurence Irving"

December 18, 1912

Performing Arts

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Ismail Pasha, Khedive of Egypt

"The Ex-Khedive"

May 7, 1881


Fine. Loose. Top edge dusty with closed edge-tears. Mattable.


Frederick George Jackson

"Franz Josef Land"

December 16, 1897

Arctic Explorer

Fine. Loose; Bio. Edges lightly age-toned. Mattable.


Sir Henry James


March 7, 1874


Fine. Loose; Copy bio. Mattable.


Sir Robert William Buchanan-Jardine


October 20, 1909

Sporting, Outdoorsman

Fine. Loose; Copy bio. Very faint marginal offset. Mattable.


Jean Leon Jaurès

"A Great French Orator"

October 7, 1908

Men of the Day, French Socialist

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Sir William Jenner


April 26, 1873

Medicine, Physician to Queen Victoria

Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Joseph Joachim

"The Last of a Classic School"

January 5, 1905

Performing Arts, music

Very good. Loose; Bio. Margin severly trimmed; faint folds; age-toned. Near-mattable.


James Johnstone

"The Standard"

February 14, 1874

Journalist, Publisher of The Standard

Near fine. Loose; Bio. Edges dusty. Mattable.


Tunkoo Abubeker bin Ibrahim, the Sultan of Johore


October 17, 1891

Sovereigns; Royalty

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Henry Arthur Jones


April 2, 1892


Near fine. Loose. Wear to lower margin. Mattable.


Sir FitzRoy Edward Kelly

"The Lord Chief Baron"

November 4, 1871

Legal, Red-robed Judge

Very good. Loose; Copy bio. Toned and dusty; marginal tears and repairs; previously laid. Near mattable.


William Thomson, Lord Kelvin

"Natural Philosophy"

April 29, 1897

Science, Physics

Near fine. Loose. Marginal foxing; light overall wrinkling. Near mattable.


Henry Kemble

"Hereditary Actor"

April 24, 1907


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Sir William Rann Kennedy

"Our Weakest Judge"

December 14, 1893

Legal; Judge

Fine. Loose. Very faint offset. Mattable.


Rear-Adm. Sir Colin Keppel

"Commodore H.M.'s Yachts"

March 3, 1909


Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Capt. Malcolm Kincaid-Smith

"National Military Training"

August 18, 1909


Fine. Loose; Bio (adhered). Mattable.


Sir James King

"King of Campsie"

August 24, 1910

Education, Banking

Fine. Loose. Short edge tear. Mattable.


Lord Kinnaird


September 11, 1912

Sport, Soccer

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Sir Francis Knollys

"Sir Francis Knollys"

March 14, 1891

Private Secretary to the Prince of Wales

fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


His Excellency Kuo Sung Tao


June 16, 1877

Statesman; Chinese Minister to Britain

Fine. Matted; Bio.


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