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Acts of Parliament

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These British Acts of Parliament date from the 1690s through the 1890s, and cover the reigns from William and Mary through Victoria. They represent all aspects of British Parliamentary legislation: from criminal law and the administrative management of the government to transportation infrastructure and the operation of the empire. Taken together they present a fascinating picture of an evolving nation; individually they chronicle the central issues of the day. Most are two to fifteen pages (although some are considerably longer) and have been removed from contemporarily bound volumes, occasionally resulting in a loose leaf or two. Unless otherwise specified, they are complete as issued.

Through the table of contents below you can access the acts by general subject, divided by reign and date on the each topical page. The sub-headings provide an idea of the contents of each page; a few, specifically those with large numbers of acts, are on their own pages, and are linked out accordingly.

A chronological index to the Acts, which includes the short title or a descriptor of each act, is also available; as is a list of the available annual "Table of the Statutes Passed ..." and "Abstract of All the Acts Passed ...".

There are three types of Acts:
     Public General Acts
     Local and Personal Acts, and
     Private Acts.
Most are in the first category and are identified on the act by the upper-case Roman chapter ("Cap.") numbers. The second and third categories, affecting only small regions or individuals, have lower-case Roman and Arabic numbers respectively. Herein, these latter categories carry "Cap." numbers in green.

British Coat of Arms

This is a preliminary listing. We have many other Acts in our extensive stock that we will add as time allows. Most are from the reigns of George I through Victoria, so if you are seeking a specific law that is not found herein, please let us know. We're glad check our files ...

Please note: many acts for imposing taxes on particular people/goods/companies/etc. are not listed as financial acts. They are instead listed with the category to which those people/goods/companies/etc. belong.

Social Laws Commercial Laws Agricultural & Rural Laws
White dot Loyalty Oaths
White dot Poor Laws
White dot Friendly & Other Aid Societies
White dot Private Estates, including Wills
White dot Institutions
    (Colleges, Hospitals, Asylums, etc.)
White dot Education
Red dot Crime and Criminality
    including Policing and Constabularies
Red dot Papists & Non-Conformists
White dot Workers, Unions and Strikes
White dot The Arts
White dot International Exhibitions
White dot Customs, Duties and Imports
Red dot Beer, Wine and Spirits
White dot Tobacco
White dot Sugar, Salt and Spices
White dot Glass
Red dot Fish and Fisheries
White dot Mines and Mining
White dot Manufacturing & Industry
Red dot Wool, Cotton, Fibers and Fabrics
White dot Newspapers and Publishing
White dot Copyright
White dot General
White dot Farms and Rural Properties
White dot Corn, Wheat and Other Grains
White dot Dairy Products
White dot Cattle & Livestock
White dot Forestry, etc.
White dot Fens and Drainage
White dot Game, Hunting, Poaching, etc.
Financial Laws Judiciary Laws Administrative Laws
White dot Budget and Appropriations
White dot Banks and Banking
White dot Taxes, Fines and Duties
    including Collection
White dot Lotteries
White dot Sinking Fund
White dot Court Proceedings
White dot Lawyers and the Law
White dot Juries
White dot Appointments
White dot Salaries
White dot Elections
White dot Parliament
White dot Royal Property, Household, etc.
White dot Citizenship
White dot Post Office
White dot Procedural
Municipal & Transportation Laws Colonial & International Laws Military Laws
White dot Infrastructure & Civic Improvements
White dot Public Works and Spaces
Red dot  Railroads and Tramways
Red dot  Roads and Bridges
White dot Cabs and Coaches
Red dot  Ports and Harbours
White dot Ships and Shipping
White dot India and the East Indies
White dot South Seas & South Sea Company
White dot Americas
White dot Africa
White dot Slaves and Slavery
White dot British Interests Abroad
White dot All Services
White dot Navy
White dot Army
White dot Militia
White dot Appropriations
White dot Rebellions and Revolts
White dot Napoleonic Wars
Church Laws Scottish Laws Irish Laws
White dot Organizational
White dot Property
White dot Parishes and Benifices
White dot Marriages, Births and Burials
White dot Roads and Waterways
White dot Commerce
White dot Politics
White dot The Jacobite Rebellions
White dot Country Life
White dot Estates & Other Lands
White dot Commerce
White dot Politics
White dot Country Life

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