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Many items in our stock have been scanned and their images are available for browsing; below is an index to the image galleries and and their corresponding specialty lists.

To view any gallery, simply select from the images/categories below, and follow the links. For details of any specific item (once you've followed through to the larger format photos), just click on the link below its image.

Work continues! There are still many items and lists that haven't been illustrated, but have been thoroughly described. To explore these please return to our home page and make a new selection from our general and specialty lists.


Mikado Cigarette Card
Gilbert & Sullivan

Milton in America
First, Signed and Limited Editions

Winston Churchill Bunting
Sir Winston S. Churchill

Sir Ford North Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair Prints

Alice in Wonderland
Lewis Carroll

Beetle - Coleoptera
Natural History and the Sciences

How to Play and Win Snooker
Sports and Games
including Golf

Holme-Cultram Abbey
Buck's Antiquities Index

Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Rackets and Fives
Tennis and Racket Sports

Home | Conditions of sale, and orders

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