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Gilbert and Sullivan

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D'Oyly Carte Opera Company

There are ten pages of Gilbert & Sullivan programmes.
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1882 Patience
D'Oyly Carte
Programmes 1

1891 Gondoliers
D'Oyly Carte
Programmes 2

Souvenir programmes
D'Oyly Carte
Programmes 3

Souvenir programmes
D'Oyly Carte
Programmes 4

1964 last night programme
D'Oyly Carte
Programmes 5

1979 Australia/New Zealand tour programme
D'Oyly Carte
Programmes 6

1957 Souvenir
D'Oyly Carte Souvenirs
New D'Oyly Carte

Golden Legend
Gilbert w/o Sullivan
Sullivan w/o Gilbert

Other Victorian

Hot Mikado
Programmes 1

Hot Mikado
Programmes 2


1885 Mikado
See also
D'Oyly Carte London Season
Programme Designs

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Iolanthe souvenir Ida souvenir Mikado souvenir Yeomen souvenir Ruddygore souvenir Pinafore souvenir Patience souvenir Trial souvenir

G and S Anniversary souvenirs

G-2748, G-2753, G-3516, G-1775,
G-2768, G-2832, G-2788 and G-2808

Trial by Jury and The Pirates of Penzance, signed by cast, 1953


Goffin 1957 production of Patience


Streatham Hill Theatre, 1957

G-3479 to G-3484
G-3485 to G-3488

Streatham Hill Theatre 1957, with indulgence


Name Name Name Name Name

1958 New Theatre Oxford programs

See signature details below
G-3489, G-3493, G-3494, G-3492 and G-3491

Signature details

Signature details (see above)

Margaret Smith signature Alan Styler signature Thomas Round signature

Signed Mikado program, New Theatre Oxford, 1958


Chrstmas Season 1958 signed programmes

G-3502, G-3499 and

Streatham Hill Theatre, 1959

G-3506 to G-3514

Signatures of Sansom and Knight Signatures of Sinden and Reed Signature of Adams Signature of Godfrey Indulgence slip

G-3510 and G-3513

G-3509, G-3506 and G-3508

Pirates signed by Jennifer Toye Iolanthe signed by Pauline Wales Yeoman cast signed by Jennifer Toye Gondoliers signed by Anne Sessions

1960 Christmas Season signed programs

G-3524, G-3521, G-3520 and G-3519

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