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Acts of Parliament

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Social Laws
Crime and Criminality

British Coat of Arms

These Acts of Parliament relate to various crimes, law enforcement and prosecution; as well as watches, constabularies and other efforts to control crime.

To ease your search for specific topics, keywords in each act are highlighted in red. By simply scanning through the chronological list, you should easily be able to narrow in on desired items. Through the reign of George II, acts are listed by the year in which the Parliamentary session ends ; from George III on they are by date of passage .

Local and Personal Acts, and Private Acts are identified by "Cap." numbers in green.

For other related material contained within legislation filed elsewhere, see also:

Red dotAgricultural and Rural Laws - re. Poaching

The Acts are listed according to the reigns of the British Kings and Queens.
Select from below to view a particular era.
Charles II
James II
William & Mary
George I
George II
George III
George IV
William IV

SquareThe Interregnum Square
(Commonwealth and Protectorate)


SquareReign of William and Mary Square
(Later William III)

1692-93 1695-69

SquareReign of Anne Square

1702 1704-05

SquareReign of George II Square

1728 1731 1735 1744 1748 1750 1754 1758

SquareReign of George III Square

1772 28th June 1802 2d July 1816

SquareReign of George IV Square

24th May 1822 24th June 1822 5th July 1822 21st June 1824 24th June 1824

SquareReign of William IV Square

16th July 1830 13th August 1836

SquareReign of Victoria Square

30th March 1838 10th August 1838 16th August 1838 27th August 1839 7th August 1840 31st July 1845 4th August 1845 26th June 1846 29th July 1850 14th August 1850 3d July 1851 24th July 1851 1st August 1851 7th August 1851 30th June 1852 10th July 1854 24th July 1854 7th August 1854 10th August 1854 11th August 1854 12th August 1854 17th May 1861 11th July 1861 6th August 1861 11th August 1869

Acts Table of Contents | Chronological Index

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